The Torgan Group owns and/or operates properties

throughout Ontario, also in the city of Calgary and Milpitas, California.


The Torgan Group, founded in the early 1980s, has been involved in the development, ownership and management of over 70 commercial projects totaling more then 3.5 million square feet.

The Torgan Group owns and⁄or operates properties throughout Ontario, also in the city of Calgary and Milpitas, California.

It’s portfolio includes retail, medical centers, office space and institutional building.

The Torgan Approach

Management of properties within the Torgan Group is conducted in-house with a qualified and experienced staff of property managers and support personnel. In addition, many of the larger commercial buildings owned by the company have on-site superintendents to administer the day-to-day operations.

The company’s principals and senior staff are involved on a daily basis in the management of the properties, addressing personally the various concerns of tenants.

All of the company’s properties are at full or near-full occupancy.

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Eli formed Torgan Construction Limited in the 70’s together with his father, the late Mr. Zwi Swirsky, who contributed his 50 years of experience in land development and construction in Israel to the new Canadian company. Before commencing his real estate career, Eli attended York University where he enrolled in an Honors program for BA in Computer Science.



Sam joined Eli in the early 80’s and together they founded The Torgan Group. Prior to joining Torgan, Sam was the founder and partner of two factories; one in Israel and one in Canada that built machines for the food manufacturing industry. The Canadian factory, based on superior technology developed by Sam, became the largest of its kind in North America. Sam holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion in Haifa, Israel.

The Torgan Group owns and⁄or operates properties throughout Ontario

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“We appreciate the great strengths Torgan has shown in order to attend to the needs of all tenants and patients in the building and we are confident that Torgan will continue to provide such care in the years to come.”

“Torgan clearly understands what it takes to develop, build and manage medical office buildings, and it is a pleasure working with such great team of people.”

“Torgan has strived to maintain high quality medical buildings with their competent property management team. Whenever a problem has arisen, the property management team has always responded in a timely manner.”